Top 5 Virginia Beach Restaurants by User Rating

Virginia Beach is full of great food and many restaurants. Knowing which restaurant to go to can be a difficult task though. That is why we have created this list, the top five Virginia Beach restaurants by user rating. Each one of these restaurants was voted by real users to be the best.

Blue Seafood and Spirits

Owned and operated by the chef, this casual restaurant is a great place to go get a sample of the local seafood. Out of all of their fish dishes, the fried tempura shrimp is one of the most well-known dishes at the restaurant. Don’t forget to finish your dinner off with fresh chocolate bread pudding.

Mannino’s Italian Bistro

If you want Italian food while you are in Virginia Beach than Mannino’s is the place to go. The two chefs are a father and son team with amazing credentials who create amazing Italian food and pair it with great wines. They are open for dinner and serve a good selection of Italian food every night.

Firebrew Bar & Grill

If a bar and grill is where you like to go to eat and relax then Firebrew is your choice for Virginia Beach restaurants. The establishment has a full bar with a wide selection of beers and wine to quench your thirsts. They serve American grill food the way it was meant to be served, over an open flame. The self-service pouring wine bar is a unique feature that all visitors over the age of 21 must try.

Tautogs Restaurant

Based out of what was once a house, Tautog’s Restaurant features amazing fish and seafood options along with a selection of sandwiches and other foods. The old house reflects the casual dining nature of this establishment. There is dinner available and then Thursday through Saturday you can stop by for the late night menu.

Citrus Breakfast and Lunch

Like the name implies, Citrus Breakfast and Lunch has some interesting dishes that incorporate citrus into both breakfast and lunch meals. The establishment is one of the best places at Virginia Beach to go to get a breakfast that is fresh made for you. Make sure that you try the mango French toast.

When you visit each one of these establishments in Virginia Beach makes sure that you let us know how your experience went in the comments down below. Also let us know about the other places you chose to dine and maybe we will add them to our next list!